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I am mostly interested in working with the latest mobile technologies to implement services and products that can optimize any task in a job as well as the communication in any business. I spend part of my spare time creating new tools and applications that can be used to simplify processes. I have worked with many dynamic programming languages but I feel more conformable working with static programming languages. I am interested on implementing products that use the latest google APIs such as work manager and fused location provider client. I also have experience working with other languages such as python, Java and C. I am currently developing an android application using the latest approved programming language for android, Kotlin.

Latest Projects

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TimeMap - Traffic and event app

Won first place out of 25 teams by developing a solution that makes use of past traffic data and public event data to predict future traffic conditions. My contribution to the project was to develop an android application that makes use of the data obtained by these sources


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Free Ebay Templates

Free Ebay Templates is a single page web application that dynamically generates HTML eBay listing templates that are compliant with the eBay dynamic content policy. AngularJS, Bootstrap and MySQL were used to develop this website.

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ARound - Augmented Reality Android App

ARound is an augmented reality android application designed to provide customers 3D models, reviews, and detailed information about products using existing store tags found at shelves in physical stores. This project was developed at a hackathon competition named HACKTX where we got a top 10 position. I worked implementing the connection between the data and the store tags.

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Smart Cities - Map Directions for The Eldery

Smart cities is a map-based web application for Cyber-shARE that performs SPARQL queries using a rest API to get detailed information about users for the cyberinfrastructure applications course. PHP, SPARQL, Bootstrap, and AngularJS were used to develop this project.

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Other Projects

PDML Packet Dissector Open Source

Designed and implemented a PDML packet dissector. I worked on the design and implementation of the GUI as well as the application controllers fully written in python.


Best Parents - Online Blog and Shopping Web Site Open Source

Developed an online community blog and e-commerce website for a database management course. I worked developing the front and back end of the project. PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS were used to develop this website.


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